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The Magic of Eight: 2010 Nappie Awards

By Lagniappe Staff

Issue# 209
JULY 13, 2010



As we end our eighth year at Lagniappe, we look back over the years and know there are plenty of issues where a Magic Eight Ball (or psychiatrist) probably would have come in handy.

But there were a few questions we never needed any assistance with because we already knew the answers were clear affirmatives.

Those included:

Is there a magical pool of wonderfully talented writers and photographers
willing to embark on this journey with us?

Are there advertisers who will be willing to support us from
Day One to Day 2920 and beyond?

And finally...

Is there a smart (and slightly crazy) readership out there willing to help us
Keep Mobile Funky?

Yes, yes, yes! Oh yes!

And that is why each July, as we mark another year, we turn this town over to you, our readers, to tell us which drag queen is the most dazzling, where you can pick up a cougar or sugar daddy or what issue you just can't stand to hear one more word about (ahem, BP).

So now, it is our great pleasure to present the fruits of your labor....

The 2010 Nappie Awards


**Best Bartender**
**Cheryl Shifflet @ Callaghan's**
Lily Conner @ Hayley's

**Best All Around Bar**

**Best Dive**

**Best New Bar**
The Sportsman's Lounge

**Best E-Sho Bar**
**My Place**

**Best WeMo Bar**
**The Crooked Martini**
Bubble Lounge/Patches

**Best MiMo Bar**
**The Silver Horse**
The 1850 Room @ The Cannon Grill

**Best LoDa Bar**
**Dahlia's Electric Piano Bar**
The Bike Shop

**Best SoMo Bar**
**The Zebra Lounge**
The River Shack

**Best Beach Bar**
**The Hangout**

**Favorite Casino**
**Hard Rock**
IP Casino, Resort & Spa

**Best Alternative Lifestyle Bar**

**Best Bar Bathroom**
**Joe Cain Café/Royal Street Tavern @ The Battle House Hotel**
The Bike Shop

**Best After-hours Bar**
**The Bike Shop**
Boo Radley's

**Bar Where You Are Most Likely to Get Lucky**
**The Corner Bar**
The Garage

**Bar Where You Are Most Likely to Pick Up a Cougar**
The Crooked Martini

**Bar Where You Are Most Likely to Pick up a Sugar Daddy**
**The Garage**
The Crooked Martini

**Best Jukebox**

**Best Place to Shake Your Booty**
**Studio 5'4"**

**Best Beer Selection**
Mellow Mushroom

**Best Crawfish Bar**
**Boo Radley's**
The Silver Horse

**Best Margarita**
Dauphin St. Taqueria

**Best Bloody Mary**

**The Perfect Martini**
**The Crooked Martini**
Dahlia's Piano Bar


**Best Hairstylist**
**Laura Vendetti**
Angela Anderson

**Best Veterinarian**
**Dr. Les Greer**
Dr. Michael Biles

**Best Dentist**
**Dr. Earl "Bud" Rogers**
Dr. D Tyrrell

**Best Hoo-Ha Doctor**
**Dr. Max Rogers**
Dr. Patton Morrison-Barton

**Best Boob Doc**
**Dr. Christopher Park**
Dr. Kitti K. Outlaw

**Best Facelift Doc**
**Destin Plastic Surgery**
Dr. Mike Lyons

**Best Massage Therapist**
**Dr. Phil Pacetti**
Mary Beth Howard

**Best Florist**
**Zimlich Brothers**
Bay Flowers

**Mechanic/ Auto Repair Shop (where you don't feel violated afterwards)**
**Griffith Shell**
Trax in Spanish Fort

**Best Lawyer if your Spouse is a Ho (divorce)**
**Jim Scroggins**
Jerry Pilgrim/Steven Johnson

**Best Lawyer to keep you from becoming someone's bitch**
**Jeff Deen**
Rick Courtney

**Best Place to Get a Mani/Pedi**
**Orchid's Day Spa**

**Best Yoga Studio/Instructor**
**Melanie Buffett @ Yoga Birds**
Nadia Jenkins

**Best Wedding Photographer**
**Studio A Photography**
Victoria Webb

**Best Personal Trainer**
**Olivia Garrett**
Cindy Ross

**Best Realtor**
**Parrish Walker @ Oracle Realty**
Louise Houston @ Dauphin Realty

**Best Car Dealer**
**Treadwell Honda**
Sandy Sansing

**Best Landscaper**
**Gavin Dean**
Live Oak Landscaping

**Best Caterer**
**Chef Rob & Co.**
Bay Gourmet

**Best Place to hold a reception/special event**
**Bragg Mitchell**
Ezell House

**Best Mobilian Ever**
**Jimmy Buffett**
Hank Aaron/ Kevin Painter

**Best Mobilian Right Now**
**Ruben the Great Dane**
Steve Nodine (very funny voters)

**Best Golf Course**
**Magnolia Grove**
Timber Creek

**Coolest Neighborhood (Mobile)**

**Coolest Neighborhood (E Sho)**
**Lake Forest in Daphne**
Fruit & Nut in Fairhope

**Up-and-Coming Hood**

**Best Annual Event**
**Mardi Gras**

**Most Eligible Bachelor**
**Kris Bahouth**
Uncle Henry

**Most Eligible Bachelorette**
**Jessica Pickering**
Elizabeth Langford

**Best Place to take Out-of-Towners**
**Bellingrath Gardens**
Carnival Museum

**Best Place to Antique**
**Antiques @ The Loop**
Mr. Bill's (Moffett Road)

**Hippest/Trendiest Clothing Store (Men)**
**G Harvell**

**Hippest/Trendiest Clothing Store (Ladies)**
**Private Gallery**
Purse Picasity

**Best Fine Jewelry**
**Claude Moore Jewelers**

**Best Lingerie/Naughty Store**
**The Gift Spot**
NT Video

**Best Home Furnishings**
**Ashley Furniture**

**Best Kid's Clothing Store**
**Tiny Town**

**Best Nursery School**
**Ashland Place United Methodist**
Little Flower

**Most Kid-Friendly Restaurant**
**Original Oyster House**

**Best Birthday Party Place**
**Pump It Up**
Ruth's Chris

**Best Park/Playground**
Medal of Honor

**Best Rainy Day Distraction**
**Gulf Coast Exploreum**
Watermelon Patch

**Best Pediatrician**
**Dr. Donald Farquhar**
Dr. Faye Roberts

**Best Kid's Photographer**
**Laura Cantrell**
Charity Plasse

**Most Popular Local Boy's Name**

**Most Popular Local Girl's Name**


**Best Club to See Live Music**
**Soul Kitchen**

**Best Outdoor Bar to See Live Music**
The Hangout

**Best Non-Bar Venue**
**The Saenger Theatre**
The Wharf

**Best Local Band**
**El Cantador**

**Best New Local Band**
**Swamp Wompus**
Black Jacks/Shropshire

**Best Band Name**
**Wizard Sleeve**
Swamp Wompus

**Best Solo Musician**
**Hank Becker**
Lisa Mills

**Best Guitar Player**
**Hank Becker**
Steve Varnes

**Best Area Singer**
**Locke Bowers**
Greg Nobles

**Best Area Drummer**
**Chico McCollum**
Tim Stanton

**Best Area Bassist**
**Douglas Robertson**
Brandon Whigham

**Best Area Piano Player**
**Scott Morlock**
Gene Murrell

**Best Drag Queen Performer**
**Miss Venus**
Miss Cie


**Best Local Artist**
**Hayley Hutchinson**
Devlin Wilson

**Best Art Gallery**
**Cathedral Square Gallery**
Ashland Gallery/Robertson Gallery

**Best Museum**
**Carnival Museum**
Mobile Museum of Art

**Best Theatre Group**
**Mobile Theatre Guild**
Joe Jefferson Players

**Best Local Actor**
**Laurie Ann Price**
Andrew Crider


**Best Locally-Owned Restaurant**

**Best New Restaurant (Fine Dining)**
Delta Fish House

**Best New Restaurant (Casual)**
Island Thyme

**Best Chain Restaurant**
Five Guys Burgers

**Best Beach Restaurant**
Tacky Jack's

**Best Chef**
**Chakli Diggs @ NoJa**
Chef Rob Stephens

**Best Server**
**Cheryl Shifflet @ Callaghan's**
Amy@ Dew Drop/David @ NoJa

**Best Atmosphere**

**Best First Date Place**
**Wine Loft**

**Best Cheap Date Place**
**Blind Mule**
Mellow Mushroom

**Most Underrated Restaurant**
**Via Emilia**

**Most Innovative Menu**

**Best Outdoor Dining**
**Café 615**
Ed's Seafood Shed

**Best Sweet Tea**
**Spot of Tea**

**Best Biscuits**
**Tiny Diny**
Cracker Barrel

**Best Home Cookin'/Soul Food**
**Mama's on Dauphin St.**
Backyard Café

**Best Service**
**Ruth's Chris**
Felix's Fish Camp

**Best Dessert**
**Ruth's Chris**
Cream & Sugar

**Best Wine Selection**
**Wine Loft**

**Best Wings**
**Bob Baumhower's Wings**
Butch Cassidy's

**Best Chicken Fingers**

**Best Ice Cream/Yogurt/Gelato**
**Cammie's Old Dutch**

**Best Lunch Spot**
**Café 219**
Tiny Diny

**Best Ice**

**Best Wine/Gourmet Shop**
Red or White

**Best Annual Food Event**
**American Cancer Society's Chili Cook-off**
Hog Wild BBQ Festival

**Best Gumbo**
Felix's Fish camp

**Best Po Boy**
**Boiling Pot**
The Original Oyster House

**Best Sushi**
**Samurai J**

**Best Bakery**
The Pastry Shop

**Best Burger**

**Best Steak**
**Ruth's Chris**

**Best Seafood**
Ed's Seafood Shed

**Best Brunch**
**Café 615**
The Grand Hotel

**Best Ethnic Food**
**Mediterranean Sandwich Company**
Jerusalem Café

**Best Mexican**
Dauphin Street Taqueria

**Best Italian Restaurant**
**Via Emilia**
La Pizzeria

**Best Pizza**
**Mellow Mushroom**
La Pizzeria

**Best Coffeehouse**
Carpe Diem

**Best BBQ**
**Moe's BBQ**
The Shed

**Best Drunk Food**
**Dauphin Street Taqueria/Liquid**
Waffle House

**Best Hangover Food**
Dew Drop Inn



**Favorite Radio Station**
**92 ZEW (WZEW)**

**Best Morning Show/DJ**
**Dan & Shelby @ 95KSJ**
Sean & Wayne @ FM TALK 106.5

**Best Local DJ**
**Dan Brennan @ 95KSJ**
Tony Plosczynksi @ WZEW

**DJ Whose Voice Leads you to believe you may want to see HIM naked**
**Dan Brennan @ 95KSJ**
Tony Plosczynksi @ WZEW

**DJ Whose Voice Leads you to believe you may want to see HER naked**
**Shelby Mitchell @ 95KSJ**
Lee Ann Waterrs @ WZEW

**Best Talk Radio Host**
**Uncle Henry (WNTM)**
Sean Sullivan (FM TALK 10.5)


**Best Local Evening Newscast**
**FOX 10**

**Best Local Morning Newscast**
**FOX 10**

**Best Anchor**
**Mel Showers @ WKRG**
Bob Grip @ FOX 10

**Best Meteorologist**
**Alan Sealls @ WKRG**
Jason Smith @ FOX 10/ John Nodar @ WKRG

**Best Investigative Reporter**
**Jessica Taloney @ WKRG**
Steve Alexander @ WKRG

**Best Sports Coverage**
**Randy Patrick & WKRG**
Rob Lehocky & FOX 10

**Sexiest Local TV Newsman**
**Bob Grip @ FOX 10**
Jason Smith @ FOX 10

**Sexiest Local TV Newswoman**
**Lenise Ligon @ FOX 10**
Chasity Byrd @ Fox 10

**Biggest TV news story/feature**
**BP Oil Spill**
Steve Nodine Murder Investigation


**Favorite Lagniappe Columnist**
**Boozie Beer Nues**
Ashley Toland Trice

**Favorite Lagniappe Feature**
**Herman Thomas Series by Rob Holbert**
Nodine Coverage by Kevin Lee
Domestic Violence by Jennifer McDonald

**Favorite Lagniappe Cover**
**Hammer's History by Dan Anderson**
Domestic Violence by Dan Anderson

**Favorite Press-Register Reporter**
**Ben Raines**
Gary McElroy (retired)

**Favorite Press-Register Columnist**
**David Holloway**
Jere Hough

**Best Local Blog/Website**
**Mobile Bay Times by Chip Drago (**
Alexi Eileen (


**Hardest Working Elected Official (Mobile)**
**City Council President Reggie Copeland**
Mayor Sam Jones
(Steve Nodine got a lot of votes in this category. Voters must have thought category was (former) elected official doing the hardest time)

**Hardest Working Elected Official (Baldwin)**
**DA Judy Newcomb**
Sheriff Huey "Hoss" Mack

**Issue You Are Most Tired of Hearing About (Mobile)**
**BP Oil Spill**
Steve Nodine

**Issue You Are Most Tired of Hearing About (Baldwin)**
**BP Oil Spill**

**Worst Political Campaign Ad**
**Tim James' Drivers License in English Ad**
Bob Riley Gambling Ads

foodlover says:

JULY 23, 2010
4:22 PM
  Cortlandts is an excellent restaurant. I think its great that simple food such as pizza, grits, soups and salads have been so elevated that they won a fine dining award. Glad the prices arent fine dining prices!
nodine2012 says:

JULY 17, 2010
9:02 PM
  And its true best live music is Soul Kitchen! The thirty dollar cover and crap drinks are so worth it. Try not to show the biased so much next time
nodine2012 says:

JULY 17, 2010
9:00 PM
  Jimmy Buffet just loves Mobile,and Alabama in general right? One concert every what,thirty years or so? He wouldnt even play after Katrinia. Does he live here? Nope,but all you old hippys swear to God that you went to prom with him or was his babysitter. Pick a new hero cause this guy hates your guts and you dont even get it . The weekend he decides to perform just happens to occur when hes opening his new "Margaritaville Resort" .Stay classy Jimmy
lawyerskid says:

JULY 15, 2010
2:44 AM
  615 Definately has the best brunch. Always has and always will as long as Executive Chef Daniel Peterson is behind the stove flipping eggs and keeping Steve alive!
lawyerskid says:

JULY 15, 2010
2:43 AM
  Not true sir: Not all jukeboxes are alike. Most dont have the awesome to hear at 4 in the morning Waffle House songs. So NO. Not all boxes are the same. Also some out their still use cds. Just thought Id let u know.
simonclon says:

JULY 14, 2010
9:38 PM
  Best jukebox? How can you pick one when every bar has the same internet-enabled machine in them? lolololol

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